If you’ve been following me on my travel journey on Instagram (@pictorialjournal), you must know that I have traveled a lot this year. It’s been an amazing year in terms of exploring new places in the U.S. either all by myself or with my friends. Each month has been unique and I wanted to look back and pen down all my 2018 highlights in this post. I hope it makes you feel… Read More

Only two weeks after I joined Deloitte, they asked me to fly to Chicago for a training. A free business trip to a place that I haven’t seen before where I get to meet some of my undergrad college friends? I’ll happily take it! I was going to meet Savvy, one of my closest friends, after three years. I also made plans to meet Akshay and Savio, two of my friends from my… Read More

After all the good Mexican food I ate at Border café the previous night, I was hyped to continue my adventures in Boston; starting with the Freedom Trail. Let’s go, shall we? DAY 2 The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile (4 km) path that takes you through all the historic sites of Boston. Knowing the distance I would have to walk and the time I would need, I decided to give… Read More

It’s been a month since I visited Boston and yet it’s still so fresh in my mind! In life, there are very few cities that make you fall in love with them. They make you feel like you belong there. For me, Boston was one of them. Be it the city’s vintage architecture or having warm tea and cake at it’s finest bakery or walking the historic Freedom Trail; Boston made me… Read More

Not many of us know just how beautiful this hidden gem of a place named Portland is in the state of Oregon, United States. I was one of them until it showed up on my Pinterest feed under “Places You Should Visit”. I was anyway planning a vacation (now you know what I do on Pinterest), and I thought I would give the article a read to know more about Portland. I was amazed… Read More

You must have heard about the Grand Canyon, of course. But let me tell you, there are so many other beautiful reasons to visit Arizona apart from the Grand Canyon. Having lived there for 18 months, I got ample time to explore the Grand Canyon State, as they call it. I was studying at the University of Arizona which is located in Tucson. For people who don’t know about Tucson (don’t worry,… Read More

Let’s continue the story, shall we? 🙂 Day 3: Another Busy Day We started off this day by going to a particular spot in DUMBO, Brooklyn (Intersection of Front Street and Washington Street) from where we could get a magnificent view of the Manhattan Bridge. We then walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to get to NYC downtown.                           Wall Street… Read More

New York City. Why do you want to visit it? F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Movies. Gossip Girl. Glamour. Times Square. Central Park. The Empire State Building. The reasons are endless. I had exactly the same reasons! Just to add to the list, I thought it would remind me of my hometown, Mumbai. And guess what? It did. Just like Mumbai, the city never sleeps. Here, dreams come true and the city makes you feel like… Read More

At a short notice of a week, I was told that I had to travel to McLean, Virginia, for a short business trip. Just like most of you, I had no idea about McLean. I immediately Googled for it and saw that it’s extremely close to Washington, D.C. But the thing is – I had only 24 hours of free time. Being the planner that I am, I decided to plan my… Read More

If you’re from a metropolitan city like I am, you can mostly relate to my yearning to spend time in nature; be it beaches, mountains, waterfalls or parks. That is why I feel moving to Denver was one of the best decisions of my life! Not too cold, not too hot and surrounded by nature. My parents and I were planning their trip to the United States for this summer. It was… Read More