Boston: America’s Walking City – Part 1

It’s been a month since I visited Boston and yet it’s still so fresh in my mind! In life, there are very few cities that make you fall in love with them. They make you feel like you belong there. For me, Boston was one of them. Be it the city’s vintage architecture or having warm tea and cake at it’s finest bakery or walking the historic Freedom Trail; Boston made me feel like I was living in another era. This blog might be a long one, but worth your time. I promise.

Where did I eat? 

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 6.07.30 PM

What Did I Do?

Here’s an overview of all the places I visited during these three days:

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 6.32.44 PM



This excited child woke up at 7am (yes, I’m lazy and I don’t voluntarily wake up this early after a long-distance travel) to get ready and start her day. The night before when I was planning all the places I want to visit today, I wasn’t sure if I would get through the list for day 1. I mean, look at it! Those are a lot of places to cover in one day as some of them are not even close to each other. But, keeping in mind how I planned my Washington trip, I knew I could at least give it a try! Also, my best friend who was traveling with me clearly had more faith in me than I did. 😛


Beacon Hill

The photographer in me had no patience so obviously, Beacon Hill was the first place I went to. Don’t get me wrong, almost all Boston streets are beautiful but Beacon Hill is the prettiest, for sure! The best thing to do here is just walking around the streets of the Hill and adore the vintage brick buildings surrounding you. The Acorn Street is a steep one but oh-so-pretty! In Louisburg Square, you’ll find houses made with rippling bricks. The reason is that if you look at them, they have a rippling effect to it. I had read somewhere about the Phillips Street Park and decided to check it out. It’s a tiny park for kids to play and grown-ups to sit and chill. Because it was early in the morning, this park was empty. Guess who got some good photos clicked of themselves?


Boston Common

The walk to Boston Common was more than pleasant and not too long either. It’s a huge park made for recreational activities for families. There’s a small frog-pond, a gazebo, and a ton of green space where you can lay down your picnic basket.


Boston Public Garden

From there, I went to the Boston Public Garden which is right across the street from Boston Common. There’s a lake right in the middle of the garden which is a dream to look at. There’s a small bridge that connects you to the other side of the garden and you get a spellbinding view of both sides of the lake from there. Make Way for Ducklings statues in this garden are related to the classic childhood story about the duck family that makes its home in the Boston Public Garden.

Newbury Street was next on my list. It’s best known for retail stores (even the super expensive ones) and restaurants. It was time to refuel though. After all, I have to get through all the places on my list, remember? I had some delicious food at Sonsie which I paired with a glass of Rose.

If you know me, you know how much I love to shop. But, I limited myself to just one store – Zara (yes, I see all you ladies smiling!). Like an obedient child, I only got two shirts from Zara and I was out of the store. Mom and Dad, I hope you’re proud of me 😛

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Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

I took a cab to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and I think I reached at a good time. There wasn’t much crowd at the ticket counter or inside the museum. The courtyard is the thing you’ll see when you search for this place on Google; and for all the right reasons. The rest of the museum is beautiful as well, with artifacts from ancient times (a line about them).


Central Boston Public Library

At 4pm, I booked a cab to the Boston Public Library. Again, you’ll see this one particular photograph online when you search for this library. I entered into the library through the main entrance and immediately started looking for that “one spot” and realized it wasn’t here. It’s actually at the Central Boston Public Library which has a separate entrance. Even though there was an entrance from the main library, going to the Central one would have saved me some time (the library shuts at 5 pm!). And God, the view was worth all the running I did!


The Harvard Business School

I made my way to see the Harvard Business School by 5pm. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Harvard? A dream school for so many people in this world! Do you feel inspired or motivated only by looking at the thing you dreamed of? That happened to me when I stood in front of the school!


View of the Charles River from the John W. Weeks Bridge

It was late evening and time for dinner, so I decided to walk over to Harvard Square, which is on the other side of Charles River. I walked over the John W. Weeks Bridge to get to Harvard Square and it was one good decision! There are numerous bridges that take you to the other side but this one is a bit high up and gives you a beautiful view of the sun setting over the river.

After feeding my grumbling tummy, I was done for the day and headed back to recover and be ready for Day 2!

Continue to Part 2 here:


9 Comments on “Boston: America’s Walking City – Part 1

  1. *Feels* like we r along with you ….. Especially in imagination, walk inn at Boston Public garden & seating at lake shore gives pleasure like Aswali dam ….. Overall nice photography too 👍

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  2. Very informative and well written blog. Great pictures. Now Boston is in my todo list when I m in the U.S.

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  4. I love how you summarize the itineraries and include the places you ate at. It always helps me plan my trip! Good article 🙂

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